Craftadia Regulations

Here on Craftadia we have a short list of rules set to ensure that our community is a safe, family friendly environment for any kind of player to enjoy themselves. Failure to follow these rules and regulations will result in punishment.

We also have a "common sense" policy. If you think it breaks the rules please take the time to check the rules and contact a staff member. These rules are a basic list of offenses and should be viewed as guidelines to follow. By playing on Craftadia or by joining our discord you're agreeing to follow these guidelines.

Inappropriate Chat Conduct [Starts at a 1 hour mute]

The way users conduct themselves in our chat is incredibly important, as Craftadia aims to be a friendly place for players of all ages. Below are examples of the kind of conduct that will result in a punishment:
   ■    Disrespectful/offensive language and hate speech.
   ■    Spamming or rioting of any kind.
   ■    Harassing and abusing others.
   ■    Impersonating others.
   ■    Sharing personal information regarding others.
   ■    Offering an in game gambling service in public or private chat.

Hate speech: Abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group including but not limited to: race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Inappropriate Behavior [Starts at 7 day ban]

We expect our users to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times. Survival is all about enjoying the game with others, and we expect people to do so. Below are examples of behaviour that will result in a punishment:

■    Griefing other users land.
■    Stealing items that don't belong to you.
■    Intentionally attempting to kill someone outside of PVP areas.
■    Using alts / loopholes to bypass the hopper limits (80 hoppers/chunk)
■    Scamming other users via trades etc.
■    Advertising other servers or IP's.

If your land IS NOT claimed either via town claims or personal claims we are usually unable to take action if something is broken or missing, we give all players the ability to protect their items and builds, if you fail to do so it is your responsibility. If you don’t trust someone, don’t give them build permissions!

Hacked Clients & Modifications [Starts at 7 day ban]

As of now, any non-cosmetic Minecraft modification is not allowed on Craftadia and is considered punishable. Cosmetic mods include things like "Optifine" and "More Player Models". Anything that gives the player an advantage or offers any kind of unintentional experience isn't welcome. Some illegal modifications are listed below:
   ■    X-ray texturepacks/modifications.
   ■    Non-cosmetic software.
   ■    Hacked clients.
   ■    Auto-fishing, autoclickers (including putting weight on a key and afking) and other form of automation / macros.

If questioned in public chat or private chat and you admit to using any of the above modifications whilst being recorded by a staff member the punishment duration will be changed to 3 days if it’s your first punishment.

Glitches & Exploits [Starts at 7 day ban]

During your time on Craftadia, we expect you to play fair, the way we intended the server to be enjoyed. If you are caught abusing Minecraft bugs, or exploits within our own plugins, you will be punished instantly. Examples of glitches and exploits are:
   ■    Vanilla exploits.
   ■    Clearly unintentional plugin bugs.

Joking/Insinuation of illegal activities [Management discretion]

Any notion, threat or insinuation disguised as a "joke" will not be tolerated in any circumstances. Punishments in this section are down to the discretion of management, most punishments will generally result in a removal of your account from all official Craftadia platforms for an indefinite length of time. In certain circumstances information will be handed over directly to Discord after issuing a punishment on the discord server and in game. Examples of this activity are DOXing, Swatting and DDoSing.

Exchanging in-game items for in-real-life money [Management discretion]

Exchanging in-game items for in-real-life money is not allowed. Punishments in this section are down to the discretion of management, most punishments will generally result in a removal of your account from all official Craftadia platforms for an indefinite length of time. For example, you are not allowed to exchange a Halloween Scythe for a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Building Expectations

We understand Craftadia is an open world Survival server, and people enjoy building together - we completely encourage working as a team. However, there is enough room in the world for everyone, and intentionally intruding on someone else's private space out in the wild will not be tolerated. This includes purposely building or claiming around someones house without asking for their permission.

Any farms that use “0 tick mechanics” are not allowed, you’re free to use these mechanics in doors and other contraptions. “Flying machines” are legal, use at your own risk; if they cause damage to other users builds you will be held accountable.
Unused land chunks that are more than 2 months old, or land that is excessively destroyed with no purpose are subject to being reset and cleaned as if the land had not been touched. This can be done at the discretion of upper Staff.

Respecting Staff & Decisions

The Staff on Craftadia are volunteers and work very hard to keep the server an amazing place for everyone to enjoy. We expect the community to respect their decisions and treat them as you want to be treated - they are here to make your experience great!

Punishment extensions

Users who are consistently breaking the rules will face increased punishment durations as clearly the previous punishment did not enforce what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour on Craftadia. The punishments are as follows:

Chat Infractions:

Verbal warning (if appropriate), 1 hour mute, 4 hour mute, 1 day ban, 3 day ban, 7 day ban, 14 day ban, 30 day ban, Permanent ban


7 day ban, 30 day ban, Permanent ban

Punishment evasion

Evading any form of punishment will immediately extend the punishment to the tier above. This includes logging into alternate accounts or helping a user bypass their punishment.

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