Summer Madness - Blog #49

Jul 20, 2022

Greetings Craftadians!

Today, we discuss the upcoming release our new event crate,  The End, our Summer Update, Bug fixes and more!

This update will be releasing on Friday 22nd July, we can't wait for you all to see it!

Summer Crates

With summer arriving, we'll all be spending more time at the beach! Our Aquatic-Themed Summer Crate has arrived, featuring everything you'll need for the beach, including some new friends!

Additionally, we'll be activating a 15% sale for the first 48 hours the crate is active, allowing us all to celebrate the arrival of the sun.

Based on player-feedback, we'll be switching back to optifine textures, so you'll no longer have the leather-looking armour!

Summer Key available at the Shop.

Special Highlights included in the Key:

  • The return to Optifine-based armour, based on player-feedback.
  • The Armour Set (when complete) will allow the player unlimited oxygen, and the ability to move faster underwater.
  • The Otter and Seal Pets have unique walking and idle animations and contain the "Epic" rarity.
  • The Summer Crate features an oxygen-tank jetpack.
  • The Summer Crate features a special surfboard backmount.

The End

It's coming! The End will be releasing Saturday 30th July, allowing you guys time to plan for your new adventure (along with getting your portals ready!). As always, we've had to make some changes to the default experience, allowing it to be compatible with Craftadia. As such, Elytras will no longer naturally spawn, but instead will be replaced with Dragon Breath. Shulkers will only spawn on the Weekends, and will be slightly rarer than normal.

We'll be introducing a permanent End World, along with the requested Resource World too, that will reset alongside the current set of Resource Worlds.

Summer Shop

We've introduced our Summer Merchant - it will allow you to partake in the summer fun, and get your town ready for the hot weather that's on the way! We've introduced a range of items, such as a BBQ, Surfboard, Summer Umbrella, and more!

Summer Shop available now!

Town Update

Based entirely on community feedback, we've decided to tweak the current Town system in place. As such, we can say that we'll be introducing multiple new aspects into Craftadia.

Public Towns

You will now be able to open your town on Craftadia. By doing so, you'll allow anyone on the server to join without an invite (provided the town has adequate space). By default, this will be disabled.

Town Requirements

To compliment Public Towns, we've enabled Town Requirements. Before a player can join a town, they will need to meet set requirements. At the moment, this is based on Money (joining fee), and will grown in the future, based on updates and community feedback. By default, your town will not have any requirements.

Town Directory

To navigate the new systems in place, we've introduced the Town Directory. You will be able to see all the current towns, along with key information about each town. Once you've found the town you like, you'll be able to get a rundown all from one centralised location.


All of us here at Craftadia, whether staff or player, are shocked at the passing of Alex (Technoblade). We decided that the best thing we could do, is include him in our next update,  and we thought that there was no better way to do this, than theming our new spawn stage after him. You will be able to use the stage creatively, and showcase your talent too.

Craftadia's Technoblade Stage

Bug Fixes

With this update, we've introduced a wide range of bug fixes, many of which have plagued Craftadia for many seasons. Below is a non-exhaustive list, but should give you an idea of what we've conquered:

  • The Banker should now function as intended, allowing input.
  • Lecterns have been re-enabled and patched.
  • The Farming Skill should now drop rewards, such as Gillyweed when harvesting Custom Crops.
  • Custom Blocks should no longer be placeable where you do not have permission.
  • ItemFrames are no longer destroyable with Arrows or Tridents.
  • You should no longer lose EXP during duels.
  • Pets should no longer twitch whilst enabled, this was caused by imbalanced yaw/pitch.
  • Pets should no longer enable whilst in PvP.
  • You should now lose your 3 extra hearts during PvP.
  • /map should now correctly identify town claims.
  • Empty ChestShops should no longer show up in the directory.
  • Town Leaderboard should now function correctly.
  • /marry heal (and proximity healing) should no longer work for those in PvP.
  • Unobtainable items should no longer rotate onto the Blackmarket.
  • Sprays and Pets should now correctly display the amount in the /cosmetic menu.