Season Three: Available Now

Jul 4, 2021

Greetings Craftadians,

As you're reading this, Craftadia Season Three is live.

Season Three's release is definitely the smoothest release we've done so far. We hope that the community feels the same way; running on brand new Minecraft software is not an easy feat, especially at scale with hundreds of players.

Our work doesn't stop here. Season Three is by far the most ambitious season of Craftadia yet, with tons of content coming soon and down-the-road. As we work through the last few launch bugs and get started on mid-season content, there's some important points to go over.

Thank You 💖

To the incredible players, staff team, administrators, developers, and Arches, thank you for making Season Three such a smooth process. Through countless meetings, documents, and testing, Season Three was born before our very eyes in little to no time.

Probably one of our most stressful months in recent times is now over, as the focus shifts to delivering mid-season content and further promoting the server.

Config and I appreciate all of you, and the fun's just getting started.

Season 2 World Downloads 🌎

We're making the three main colored worlds from Season 2 available to download. Travel down memory lane as you plan your next big project for Season 3.

Visit for download links and access information.

Season 3 Bugs 🐛

Before we start work on new content for Season 3, we're taking the time to fix bugs related to the new systems we introduced for Season 3's launch. We wanted to provide a couple bugs (non-comprehensive) that we're aware of and working on resolving:

  • /ignore is temporarily disabled as we work to stabilize lag.
  • Foxes are temporary disabled as we investigate an issue related to interacting with them.
  • Villager Trading does not work as expected, potentially due to the new item rarity system.
  • Playtime rolls back for some players.
  • Minecraft Recipe Book doesn't autofill our custom blocks.
  • [item] doesn't work cross-server.
  • Various Dungeon teleportation issues.
  • Item Rarities conflict with stacking.

If your bug isn't on this list, it's either extremely minor, already fixed and awaiting deployment, or not yet reported.

Mid-Season Content 📈

We've got tons of new content on the way, in addition to everything added for Season 3's launch.

Stay tuned as we work to deliver the largest content stream in Craftadia's history during Season 3. We've got updates mapped out for months to come, and have an excellent development team to compliment that.

Stay tuned.


A cool guy.

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