Q&A Transcript

What replaced mcmmo?

The new skills system has replaced MCMMO. Consider it a revamped version that we’ve fully built from the ground, fixing a lot of flaws from that original plugin. There’s a brand new UI, new skills, easier to use, similar content but tied into the rest of our content in a way you’ve never seen before

How will the new town system work? Please go into detail about how you can create a town what the new features are. (some examples please talk about player caps, town claims, town shops, town leaders and members (the ranks members can have), will there be a /town top, will there be a town shop?)

Towns are essentially a restructured version of Guilds, but with more content and some consideration given to certain existing features that caused issues. The branding and image of guilds, with the guild top system and leaderboards created competitiveness, but we monitored a lot of negativity spreading because of it. Towns are a friendlier, non competitive version of guilds, with features like region tags, a vault, new leveling system, and more coming shortly after season 2 releases. There’s a brand new rank scheme, with new names and permissions assigned to these ranks. The new ranks are Mayor, Officer, and Resident, and each comes with revised permissions. There is also a brand new town menu in which you can access everything you were used to and much more, including detailed logs of transaction history between players.

What can u sell to the server?

You can sell gemstones, a new ore that can be found around the map. In the future, there will be an expansion in Towns to expand on this...

is there taming? in MCMMO you can summon wolves by right clickling the ground with bones. that was disabled previously, was this changed at all into a feature?

No, taming has not been brought over into our new skills system.

Will there still be special events for reaching a donation goal? Such as Dungeons/drop parties, etc.

Yes, dungeons will still be a thing on Season 2, however they will receive a significant update featuring new dungeons in the near future.

Will Pillager Raids be enabled to the server?

Yes, pillager raids will be enabled on the server.

What are the different purposes of Gemstone ores?

Gemstone ores are a new currency we’ve introduced as tokens make their departure. It’s a natural ore you can find that you can sell to the server to make money. This will help stimulate and diversify the economy.

how will the END be set up? can we have a dragon slaying event? will player shops for end items be available??

The end will continue to be disabled on Season 2 as we still face several limitations with enabling that due to performance issues. With the recent end update, end islands generate infinitely leading to lots of problems with optimizing that and preventing lag. There may be an event added in the future in regards to a ‘dragon slaying’ event, perhaps in the form of a new dungeon. You can sell ANY item you’re able to hold in your hand through player shops, including end items.

Can i get Refund for my so Many Sell wands :?

Sell wands are included in what is considered as a consumable item. These items are limited to the season they are purchased on, while disguises, sprays, gravestones, donator ranks, playtime, and anything else non-consumable will carry over.

Are there any future plans for future resets?

Resets are not something we wish to do often (this first reset is happening 6+ months since we first released Craftadia), the current plan is to reset around once a year, depending on the content Mojang puts out in the newer versions and how sizable it is. For example, when 1.15 comes out we will not be directly updating to that, as there’s barely any content coming out with it compared to the sizable differences between 1.14 and 1.13.

Can you give us more detail about the economic system?

The new economy system relies heavily on player interaction rather than server promoted economy, outside of the gemstone currency. Player shops are highly encouraged and alongside the auction house will be the primary way to make money.

Is there going to be a brand new spawn or a similar/recreation of the original?

We’ve worked with our build team to create a familiar but somewhat different spawn. I won’t go too much into it, however we’ve removed the castle and added several islands around spawn that will soon get a very exciting purpose. There are new areas for everything and tons to explore. We’re really excited to keep making changes to our spawn over the next year and creating unique adventures.

Will there be more resource worlds? Especially asking about if there's a resource nether coming up.

This is something we’re still deciding on, and could land onto Craftadia Season 2 with a future content update.

will TNT and explosives be enabled?

No, they will not be enabled just like Season 1.

Will players be allowed more chest shops sense the econmie will be run by the players?

We will be expanding chest shops per player, yes.

Has the land claiming system been changed? or will it be staying the same.

The land claiming system will remain the same as Season 1.

If you have an original obsidian pickaxe from your vault, will it still have custom textures?

We’re working to ensure that a conversion process is in place for this, more details to follow.

Regarding the vote system, is there a way that players could get rewards for voting this many times in a row (Like milestones) instead the old vote system?

The vote system is staying from Season 1, however we may expand on this in a future content update.

Will there be a basic spawn shop for items like basic building blocks and Farming blocks ect. or will all items need to be brought from other players?

Gemstones will be the one thing that can be traded with the server, everything else is community based.

What events do u guys have planned for season 2

We don’t have an exact list that we want to share yet, but we’re working on many exciting events.

Are there going to be new purchasable items in the store, or the same ones we’ve had

At the start, it’ll pretty much be the same items you’re used to -- however there may be new ones added over the course of the season.

Will the entire economy be based off the new gem? Or will it be 100% a free market? If it is a free market, what ways will be possible to make $ to purchase things?

You can trade the gemstone with the server for money, but we’re also letting the rest of the items on the server transact in a free market system. Player shops and the auction house are the two most important pieces to making money.

Will the be kind of like quests in spawn to get stuff

This is something we’re very excited to be working on, and will be announced with tons of details in the near future.

Will the new gem be randomly be found throughout caves? Or is it like diamonds that only spawn at certain Y levels?

It’ll be just like diamonds where they spawn at certain Y levels.

Will spawn have more things to do

Yes, spawn has had a redesign with new things to explore and NPC’s to visit

Expanding on Mistress. Will those who did not get a chance to put items away, get compensated as 24 hours was a very short time. Or those who did not get a chance to act on this due to real life?

No, it’s too late at this point but we apologize to all players that didn’t have enough time to utilize the vault. We will correct this for future resets, which again, won’t be for a long, long time.

What happened to the pushback to 10 am Wednesday for the whitelist of the server? What about players who made plans to put items in vaults based on that false information and didn't have a chance to save items?

I’m not sure this was mentioned. I think it might have been a mishap with time zones and the way it was phrased, but we had a countdown in the channel that always indicated Tuesday as the correct day.

Will there still be spawners?


Expanding on @fred_7400 question, Will there be any new spawners?(edited)


Will mine, and other Phantom's & Dragon's financial concerns finally be addressed?  Will my questions which I asked the other day be answered?  @Config did say that he would be happy to discuss my serious financial concerns with me, however I will not be here.

I’m not sure what the specific financial concerns are, but I’m open to privately talking to people over a call if we can arrange the right time.

What is our incentive to stay after the way in which we have been treated?

I mean, the whole reason we’re doing the reset is to keep things fresh. We’re introducing a whole bunch of new content that no other server has done. I think that this will seriously be the best survival/multiplayer experience available.

How are we to trust investing in the future of Craftadia management when they can not trust us enough to be honest about our items (no, the tiny TOS does not count, please don't try that; there were 3 conflicting statements alone on the store about the items usage and purchase terms; and your TOS does not invalidate buys protected rights under consumer law).

We are being honest and as transparent as possible. Our terms of service is small and easy to read, so that there is no murky areas to be confused over. As far as I’m aware (I double checked earlier when I saw this question asked) our TOS doesn’t contradict itself at all.

How can we - how can you - have us believe that in season 2 we need to invest?  Where can we go from Dragon?  What will you do with our items?  How can you improve on this, and what will you learn from this?

If you’re asking about store based items, we’re not forcing anyone to purchase anything. We don’t plan on resetting often whatsoever. Next time we do reset, we’ll make sure to give a bit more notice prior to the actual reset happening, as I think that’s been the major fault here.

You mentioned heavily investing in Youtubers in the blog post, which Youtubers will/are you going to be working with?

I don’t really want to share names yet, but we plan on getting a few new YouTubers over the next few weeks and months.

Will there be any degree of competitiveness between players?

I suppose there’s always going to be a natural competitiveness, but there aren’t any specific features designed to encourage it due to the history of the features in Season 1.

Can we still AFK and farm?


Will you guys make the nether like in vanilla? With no random tp every time you go there?

Unfortunately it’s not really that easy to do with the multiworld system. So, no - not anytime soon.

Is there going to be a limit as to how many people can be in one town?

Yes and you can upgrade it with money and experience.

Will it start out with 3 worlds or just one like the start of craft?

It’ll start with three.

Will we get a starting balance when we join?

Yes, not sure on the specific amount yet though.

What will the spawn cap be for villagers since they are so op in 1.14?

We are still playing around with this, we’ll let you guys know sometime before the reset as to what we’ve found the sweet spot to be.

Why did you all feel it was the right time to reset the server?

With the introduction of new 1.14 blocks, mobs, features, and optimizations, and new naturally generated ores, we felt that this was the perfect time. It’s been almost a year since the server released and lots of people were complaining that it was getting boring.

Will there be any new abilities we can level up?

There are a number of abilities in skills that you can unlock by leveling your skills up.

Will any features from 1.14.4 be blocked or removed from the server to help with optimisation and keeping things balanced?

Pillager outpost mob spawn rates were lowered due to a Minecraft bug, but they still function

Will there be a basic store to get started in

Nope, there’s no store at spawn.

If the economy will be base around player shops which means we can’t sell pumpkins to npc anymore? If that’s the case, all farms are useless right?

There’s no shops at spawn at all. So you won’t be able to sell pumpkins to the NPC in spawn.

Will there no longer be a leaderboard for top balance, and guild? I think that brought out people's inner saltiness

There’s no leaderboards anymore.

Will ah still be there?


How rare will the new gem be?

It’s not rare to the point where it’s impossible to find. It really depends on what you consider rare.

Will we have guild shops, where all the money earned goes into guild funds?

Nope, but I like the idea. This may be implemented in the future.

Will there be a why to make money without mining?

Well, you can trade with other users. We’ll have other ways of making cash too, like leveling up skills.

Is the new map the same size?


Will pumpkin farms get nerfed somehow?

Well, there’s no shop to sell them directly. The economy is player-to-player.

Will it be as easy to make money as it was before?

No, the economy is COMPLETELY different.

In the new season will there be a new themed key?

We don’t have any seasonal keys for the release, but we may release some in the future closer to the holidays.

Will the despawn time for items be the same as until now? Will the hopper mechanics be the same? Will the spawn rates of mobs be higher since we cant get important stuff from the spawn shop anymore?

The despawn time, hopper mechanics and spawn rate will likely remain the same. We can adjust it if it’s too difficult once we’ve released.

I’m asking that there’s a custom gem thing on hermitcraft but for discovery purpose only, but in craftadia s2 is it used as a currency on all shops including player ones?

No, you trade the gem for money. It is technically a currency, but not one that can be used for shops.

Adding to MistressWitch's questions on financial investment from players: I understand that future resets will be rare and far apart based on the feedback from Admins/Mods/Helps, but in such instances, will the Admin team consider providing additional notice (i.e. 30 days) to the general player base - especially those spending/investing real money into the server? If not, what is your justification? I kindly ask that a response besides something along the lines of "why would we kill own server" or the like be given. I truly want to understand since Triple A (AAA) games such as Blizzard and many other online based-games (including console & mobile) announce changes well in advance before implementation without consequence. And yes, I understand this is a smaller game in comparison, but this adds on to MistressWitch's question about trust.

We don’t plan on resetting often, but next time we’ll give more notice. It’s just difficult because we don’t really have a set time/date on things until it’s very close. This is contingent on quite a few things lining up, as we have several moving parts in order for the reset to work: for example, we rely on builders, developers, modelers, system administrators, and more that don’t necessarily all work at the same time, but we need to announce a reset as soon as we have content done in order to release in time without the server getting stale, which to many, it already has after over 6 months of the same world and economy.

How do you plan on getting increased exposure to the server and grow community and business further?

We’ll be introducing new YouTubers and other methods of advertising. We should have some promotion out over the next week or two.

In the future instead of wipes would you consider adding a new world with the latest version instead of a reset? I.e with 1.16 simply adding a new nether world to get the new items from the nether update.

We won’t be resetting for 1.15, I can assure that. It all is very dependant on how stable a version is and how ready we are to reset. We won’t be resetting soon whatsoever as we’ve mentioned earlier.

Is there any chance that the server will have to go back to 1.13 due to bugs or other 1.14 issues

No, we are committed to being on 1.14 and will work our hardest to fix any appearing bugs and maintain that version support.

Are we getting longer entity clear times as many people have lost items when entities are cleared every minute?

Better spawn rates for mobs to account for the player count?

Will redstone, particularly hoppers, still not function as normal?

We physically cannot increase these for performance reasons. Obviously we’re working on it, but 1.14 is really intensive and requires some sacrifices to be made. If we could increase it (and if we can increase it), we would/will.

Will there be functionality that could accommodate a public trading hall without making a player a Trusted member of my claim?

We’re adding functionality for trading halls in the near future, as an expansion to Towns that is currently being coded

Adding on to a different aspect of MistressWitch's big question above, will Craftadia be publishing a clarified set of Terms of Service after this reset?

We’re happy to jump into a call separately and discuss what in our Terms of Service requires clarification -- in its current state, it provides information requiring both our privacy policy and policy on refunds/bans.

is there going to be any money drains?

As it stands, the primary money drain is town upgrading, however we may add future money drains to further structure the economy if needed.

Are plot sizes gonna be the same?

I’m not sure what you mean by this, however if you mean towns they will stay the same for the time being, yes.

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