Halloween Update & Resource Pack

Oct 9, 2019

It is officially the most spooky season of the year, and boy oh boy do we have some cool stuff planned! This week we dive into some big changes for the network and plans moving forward, take a read!

Halloween Spawn 🎃

Logging on, you'll see that the Craftadia spawn has had a redesign for the Halloween season! We're big on spooks, and I'm sure you'll love the new look filled with pumpkins, spiders and webs as far as the eye can see!

We plan to introduce many themed updates and events this month, so keep an eye out as we get closer to the scariest day of the year!

NEW Resource Pack 📦

Something that we have been working on for some time, and something you will have noticed when joining Craftadia recently is the addition of a server resource pack. We require all users to use this pack when joining the network, and it allows us to do some incredible things moving forward!

At the moment we are simply getting players used to it with the addition of some cool halloween items and characters, however moving forward it will allow us to add things like costumes, custom bosses and so much content never before seen in normal Minecraft - we can't wait!

Exclusive Halloween Crates + Items 👻

It wouldn't be Halloween without a special crate, and we have some really cool stuff in store with this one! Upon entering the crate area at spawn, you'll see the Pumpkin Reaper in all his glory, and he's not the friendliest creature.. This is an example of our first custom resource pack character, we hope you think he's cool!

This crate offers our very first custom item, the Halloween Scythe! When swapping keys with the Pumpkin Reaper, he has a rare chance of giving you this scythe item, and it is certainly worth obtaining!

The Halloween Scythe is the same as a normal Diamond sword, however it has unlimited durability, meaning you don't need mending! You can put any enchantments you like on this to create the ultimate weapon of death!


Just a passionate guy trying to make cool things.

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