Team Updates & 40,000 Unique Joins!

Jan 6, 2020

Greetings Craftadians! This post isn't the usual content update blog, merely a simple post informing the community of some recent changes in an effort to keep everyone involved and aware at all times!

Team Updates ❤️

Over the last week, you may have noticed some integral changes to the Staff team on Craftadia. It is with a heavy heart that we announce both Porridge and Naedia have resigned from the team due to personal reasons. Because of this, I have taken the responsibilites of Porridge as Manager, and will be taking a closer role when it comes to managing the team moving forward - this means there will be no Manager role moving forward.

Our first step moving forward was to re-build the Admin team with a new focus, the Craftadia community! I am excited to let everyone know that both Serenity and Tawariella have been promoted to Admin, we're so incredibly excited to see what positive change they can help inflict on the network moving forward.

January will consist of more team changes, and a large shift in attitude/focus for the Admin and Management team. Our goal is to do absolutely everything in our power to engage the community, and get this community back to a state that we are proud of. This will be done in the form of more transparent communication, listening to players and suggestions, along with making positive change to ensure everyone is having a fun and enjoyable time on the network. We hope you can see this change coming into action going forward, and we hope you appreciate the amazing efforts of the entire Staff team, I personally can't thank them enough.

40,000 Unique Player Joins 🥳

On a side note, I wanted to mention that today we passed 40k unique joins! This is an incredible figure and something we're so proud to have passed. We can't thank the community of Craftadia enough for being part of this journey so far, we can't wait for 2020 to be even better than last year!

To celebrate, we're hosting a giveaway on the Discord, be sure to check it out!


Just a passionate guy trying to make cool things.

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