Staff Announcement

Hey everyone!

I know some of you have been expecting a message from the upper team over the last few days. I do apologise regarding the day, Porridge wanted to be the one to address the following but his schedule has been busy so I'll be communicating the upper teams thoughts to you all.

Obviously many of you will know that the last few days haven't been ideal, and certainly not as smooth as they should have been. We have had several issues regarding the merger and both staff teams coming together, many which haven't been formally addressed yet, which has led people to become a little bit tender towards the situation. First and formost, I want to apologise on behalf of the upper management for any mistakes we may have made, or things we could have done better over the last few days. We strive to provide a really positive environment for you all, and we are aware that things could have been done to ensure this move was easier on everyone, as well as providing the tools to ensure everyone knew each-other and were friendly before forcing you to work together as a team - that is absolutely our fault.

We understand every concern we have been faced with through this process. We've obviously recieved many messages from people in the team, unhappy with how things have evolved and we couldn't agree more. We think each of your concerns are valid and we've been discussing ways to move forward as a team, which is the ultimate goal here. We understood that mergers are impossible to get perfectly right, however we had faith that this would go incredibly smooth and that was an unfair assumption based on the timeframe we were faced with. I'm sure you all know how quick this had to be put into place, we were faced with 4 days from knowing about this to making it happen, which obviously isn't much time to make it possible let alone get everyone adjusted before opening the floodgates.

We're all aware that this isn't an isolated incident. It isn't one thing that occurred causing people to get upset, it is a mix of poor timing, multiple issues and slow responses from us to resolve the problems. Because of these factors, we've discussed what we think is the best way to move forward with the best interest of the community in mind. The team, along with the creators, have ultimately decided that an official fresh start for us all has the most potential in terms of us coming together and working as a team for the players. This is a chance for everyone to forget about the hurdles we've faced as a group and overcome them together.

The thing we're asking from everyone is to remember we are a team in the end of the day, and we only exist to keep the Craftadia community happy. If people within this team can't get along and cant work constructively, then this will not work and I can guarantee that. Remember, we aren't the ones who suffer in the end of the day from these issues, it is the players and our incredible community - they are the one thing we all have in common, they are the thing we can all agree is most important.

With the fact that we're taking a step back and all giving each-other a fresh chance, there are a few things we're asking from everyone on the team. These aren't all specifically related to things that have occurred, they're just requests from us to you, things we want everyone to uphold and remember moving forward for the better of the team.

  • Remember we are a group, and we have to have each-others backs.
  • Remember to always embrace new users and go out of your way to encourage them and make them feel comfortable (Community members, and staff)
  • Remember that if you have a position in this team, you belong here and you have just as much right as everyone else. Whether you came in this morning or in 1642, you belong here. Stay confident in your judgement and never feel uncomfortable to do what you need to do to fulfil your role.
  • If you haven't read the handbook entirely and aren't 100% sure about everything, please read it some more and ask questions if anything is confusing or needs clarification. Don't be scared to ask questions, but remember the book is always your first point of reference.
  • Always remain helpful to your peers, new and old. If someone needs assistance, take it upon yourself to positively and constructively guide them in the right direction. Remember, helping those around you not only helps them directly, but it also helps you. It proves that you're a leader, and proves that you have the skills to help develop this team.
IMPORTANT: Remember, approach is everything. Words can be perceived in so many different ways, and there are very few ways to convey emotion over text. I want all staff to go out of their way to keep a positive attitude and stay approachable at all times, particularly to the community as well as other staff. The way you phrase things and respond to someone can make all the difference. Being blunt or short with someone whether you particularly like them or not is one way to bring bad energy into the community and the team - someone will never feel comfortable around you if they don't feel as if you're genuinely there to assist them and help them.

I hope with all of this in mind, we can move together as one, and we can see this team for what it really is; a group of compassionate and talented individuals with a passion for helping others and keeping Craftadia the best server ever. From here on we will be keeping an eye on those who follow guidelines and act as upstanding staff members, as well as those who don't. Remember, we are always looking to bring our staff up the ranks, and if people aren't able to prove that they belong on this team moving forward, they won't have a place any more. This announcement means that we can all start from scratch and focus on being our best, with the above notes in mind.

Later this week we will announce our first group Staff meeting, where we will discuss the plans for the coming months, as well as hang out and get to know each-other. There are plans to provide a completely anonymous Q&A section, so everyone can submit questions through an app/site and have them answered by us without disclosing who you are - this is a great suggestion from Serenity and will be a great way for us to share ideas and get honest opinions without judgement. Porridge will keep everyone posted with a specific time for this event, and I'll be seeing you all online!

If anyone has any words about the last few days, any confessions or anything they want to say to the team, please do so now. This is an open dialogue and I want this to be a place where we can encourage each-other and work together. Thanks everyone ❤️

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