CubeSMP Reset & Merge

Hey everyone! If you're reading this, you've likely come from the server or the discord announcements, and would be wondering exactly what is happening. I will be keeping this announcement nice and short so there is no confusion.

As of today, the CubeSMP public server will be merging into another popular server by the name of "Craftadia". This server is maintained by the same management and development team as the Cube, meaning much of the content is the same with the addition of some more awesome things.

This decision has been made for many reasons, however the most important being that there's a ton of new content we've created for the Craftadia reset that we'd love to share with both communities, and we think that bringing both communities together will provide for a much more exciting experience for everyone. This means more interaction, updates, events, and so much more.

Server Reset

Last week the Craftadia server experienced a global reset as we moved to 1.14. Because of this, we see this time as an excellent opportunity to merge Cube over and ensure all users are starting out at an even playing field and there are no disadvantages. We understand many of you have builds you love on Cube and things you have been working on, however we're positive that a new fresh start with the Craftadia community will be equally as exciting, with lots of new content to explore and everything 1.14 has to offer.

What About My Rank and Items?

Typically with any world reset items are lost along with the world and its builds. However, to help CubeSMP users transition to the new Craftadia server we've implemented a Reset Vault system to allow them to bring their best or favorite items with them.  Additionally for supporters and contributors, you will be given your equivalent supporting rank on the new server as well as have your donation total moved over so you can continue to climb.  You will also keep any non-consumable purchases such as your emotes or pets.  A reset always involves some loss, unfortunately, but we've worked hard to make sure this is as painless and fair as possible.

Reset Vault

We have worked hard to provide a vault system that will allow every user to take 5 of their most valuable store items over to Craftadia. This applies to things like Ruby swords, spawner wrenches etc. Items like Shulker boxes cannot be stored, or general items like Diamonds etc. This is only for rare or expensive purchased items.

To use this system, simply use /vault on the Cube server and place in your items. After this, run the same command on Craftadia to receive the items you place in, and you'll then be blocked from using it again.

When Is Cube Closing?

The CubeSMP public server will officially close its doors in 7 days from now, next Friday at 4pm EST. This gives everyone time to take screenshots, say goodbye to their builds, use their vaults and prepare themselves for the adventure ahead!

Will Cube Members Still Be Playing?

Yes!  Many of the Cube Creators you've enjoyed playing with will be continuing over to this new chapter, and not only will you be able to continue to help support them but we've made it easier than ever to do so!  

To support a specific creator, instead of using the normal IP address to connect to the server, participating creators will have their own custom IP in the format of ''.

Check with your favorite creator to find out if they're participating, and if they are all you have to do is use their IP instead and everything is automatic from there!  If your creator isn't participating then you can still connect using the like always, and be sure to tell them that they should come on board and play with you!

Closing Words

We want to finish by thanking everyone who played Season 1 of CubeSMP! We understand it is sad to say bye to those memories, however we want to make it clear that the best times are ahead of us! With two incredibly communities moving together along with our creators planning content on Craftadia, there are so many good times to be had as we begin this next adventure together on a brand new map.

We're so excited to experience this next chapter with you all, and we can't wait to see you online!

Craftadia IP Address: [creatorcode] /
Craftadia Discord:
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