Craftadia Open Beta

Jan 20, 2019

Now that you're on our super cool website, it's time to talk about our open beta! I'm super excited to announce that in just under 24 hours, we'll be opening up Craftadia to the public, allowing everyone to jump on and check out what we've been working on.  

Please keep in mind, this open BETA stage of Craftadia is being kept very quiet, and we don't expect a large turn out. We haven't made any efforts to advertise this product yet, and are taking things very slow to ensure that we can provide the best possible experience. We want to take this opportunity to create a strong bond with our original players, and use this time to further curate our content and gather opinions from our community!  

You might be thinking, what even is this? Craftadia is a brand new family friendly experience, with the goal of making Minecraft survival exciting and fun on a huge scale! We aim to bring thousands of users together to enjoy the game for what it is, using the latest versions and allowing our community to enjoy the very latest content available by Mojang!  

Whilst we are keeping it simple, we do have hundreds of updates planned to keep the Survival gameplay as interesting as possible year-round. At the moment however, this time is being used to test our core features that are required for release.  

We can't wait to see you online tomorrow, and we can't wait for the amazing times ahead - see you soon!



Just a passionate guy trying to make cool things.

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