Hello again Craftadians! We're excited to announce that the Christmas Build competition has concluded, and the winners have been selected by the Staff team! Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition, the Christmas spirit was high this season!

This time around we thought it would be a great idea to create a blog where we congratulate the winners and show off their amazing creations! Without further ado, here's a look! 👇

1st Place: Momyy (/warp xmas comp) - $45 + 3x Christmas Keys
2nd Place: TheHappyTechGuy (/warp hambug) - $25 + 2x Christmas Keys
3rd Place: Black_haze (/warp sdf) - $20 + 1x Christmas Keys

Thank you again for everyone who participated, be sure to congratulate the winners on their amazing builds, and don't forget to check out their warps too!