Addressing Craftadia's Impending Reset

Hey guys,

We understand quite a lot of you are confused, upset, or have further questions regarding the reset announcement we've just made. To properly address everyone and give you all a chance to speak, we're going to be hosting a community meeting on Tuesday, November 12th at 6:00 PM EST.

Until then, I want to make a statement regarding the current conversations going on, on behalf of all three of us founders:

While Craftadia entered its open beta phase 10 months ago, we started working on this server close to 1.5 years ago. We wanted to create a server that had constant updates, the latest version of the game, and an amazing community that new players thrived in. We set out with those goals, and soon enough reached that place where the server was thriving. This journey wasn't easy, with challenges being run into on an almost daily basis up until launch, due to the nature of how Craftadia is setup. For those that have played on other Minecraft servers in the past, you'll notice some key differences between how we structured the network compared to others. The most noticeable distinction being our commitment to being on the latest version of the game, to give players access to content that they otherwise were unable to find on servers. With that in mind, it means that in order to update the map/worlds that we have, in this instance to 1.14, we'd need to completely reset the server. This is required for things like our new custom ores, skills system, new U.I elements, visuals, and a lot more really cool content that we've been working on behind the scenes for quite a while.

It's extremely understandable that there is a lot of concerns and doubt being thrown around regarding what we've just announced. I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page going forward, and a first step towards that is addressing the common questions that are coming up. Prior to our QnA session on Tuesday, I'd like to help you understand a couple decisions we made:

Season Vaults

99% of other Minecraft servers, when they reset, do not give you ANYTHING back. We've made the executive decision to create this vault system in order to give back 5 items per person, without completely ruining the economy on launch of our second season. If we were to carry over all items that weren't consumable, the start of the season would be complete chaos with donators having an unfathomable advance over regular players, making for a very unbalanced and unfair playing environment. This 5 Item vault system is what we compromised with to ensure that while not all items are taken away, you can carry over limited edition armor sets, items, etc. that can live on in future seasons.


I can (happily) say that almost every single feature on Craftadia is custom made by our in-house development team. For those that don't understand what this means, every feature you see on the server, including commands, menus, entire systems, are all created from scratch. To anyone saying that we're doing this reset for the money, I can safely assure you that is simply not the case. We're adding so much new content to Season 2 of Craftadia that's never been seen before, including weekly updates with content you can look forward to, at a scale we've never done it before. This requires us to invest heavily in the team behind Craftadia, when it comes to YouTubers, Developers, Managers, etc. in order to keep the server functioning smoothly. We are NOT resetting with the intention of forcing players to continue donating. When it comes down to it, your donation is supporting the server and helping it constantly improve, which we strive for.


I hope to have you join me alongside the other owners to answer your remaining questions/concerns regarding this reset on Tuesday. My closing thoughts regarding this matter: We care deeply about this community, and we want to make sure you guys understand that. Craftadia is a special server, with special players. We don't ever want or intend to come across as money hungry, but despite our best intentions, we can never please everyone. Please work with us to understand the work we're doing in keeping our server up-to-date, providing endless support and customization, in a pursuit to continue to serve those goals we started with.

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